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Safe. Secure. Trusted.

Built by one of the original founders of the Internet, safety is our number one priority. Triple level security combined with notifications for every wallet transaction ensures that all your valuable information is protected. We’ve ensured everything is safe and secure. We never touch your private keys, we only connect your public keys together to make exchanges easy!

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Say goodbye to complicated wallet addresses.

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Send funds to other people easily by using their digital name.

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Purchase highly sought after digital names and watch the value skyrocket

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Eliminate address error by claiming an easy to remember digital name

One Digital Name

One name for all your personal and business addresses

Safe and Secure

Triple level security with instant transaction notifications keeps you protected 

One Name for All Your Blockchain Wallets

Welcome to the Future. Digital Names is a simple, easy to use service that allows you to go from complicated crypto addresses like this 0x54baae98985573858f14b8faedcbe647bf0d28ed to a simple Digital Name like this $RandySmith or $MyMiningGroup).  

Buy and Resell Digital Names

Some domains are worth millions. Digital Names does for Cryptocurrency what GoDaddy does for URL names. Claim the name now to secure extra cash for you and your friends on our resellers market!

Your Address Book for Everything

Easily send money to other people without a long, complicated address. Digital Names works with Digital Wallets (Facebook, Paypal, Apple Pay), Crypto Exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, Huobi), Web Hosting Platforms (GoDaddy,, and so much more.

Works with Most Blockchains

Whether you’re using Binance or Coinbase, you can simplify your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other addresses.


Easy and convenient

Configure any wallet to any choice of blockchain for payment. Send payments quick and easy with your new digital name and no longer worry about sending the wrong wallet address.

Receive cryptocurrency between wallets

Our platform can combine your complicated personal wallet address, business wallet address, and digital signature into one easy to remember personalized name. 

Supported Crypto Currencies

Hands down the best way to send and receive crypto money.

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